The custody dispute between Usher and his ex wife Tameka Raymond is not over with just yet. In fact, things just keep getting messier and messier as the battle drags on.

According to TMZ, the judge presiding over the case found Usher to be in contempt of court because he canceled Tameka’s Saks Fifth Avenue discount card last year, which goes against the divorce settlement that the two agreed upon in 2009.

So Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane ordered Usher to reinstate the card, which Tameka says is necessary to do her job as a celebrity stylist.

Tameka, the mother of Usher’s two sons Usher V (aka “Cinco”) and Naviyd, also complained to the courts that Usher owed her money for the unpaid nanny bills, and the singer was ordered to pay her $1,300.

Tameka also testified that she “often did not know where her children were,” and one time, she found out they were in Los Angeles when she saw pictures of them online posing on a red carpet with their superstar dad.

Further proving Tameka’s point, one of the nannies testified that she too had trouble contacting Usher when she was caring for the kids one time in Miami. She claimed that she was met with security when she arrived at the airport, and was taken to a hotel, where she remained with no means to contact Usher at all.

So in addition to being in contempt of court for the Saks card, Usher was also found to be in willful contempt of the provisions of his divorce settlement, which requires that BOTH parents have the right to information about all matters related to the health, education and extracurricular activities of their sons.

As far as the couple’s child custody and support issues are concerned — the sole reason why they’re in court in the first place — the judge has yet to determine what to do about it, though she is expected to make a ruling this week.

Usher is seeking full custody of his sons on claims that Tameka is “incapable” of being a good mother.

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