A 22 year-old man was recently arrested for disorderly conduct after being denied beer at a Kroger grocery store in Braselton, Georgia.

The man, Jose Sanders, became upset and used profanity in the store when employees weren’t convinced he was of the legal age to purchase alcohol.

Surveillance footage from the store shows Sanders giving his license to a cashier, who then got another employee to take a look at it.

“He looked at my license and he kind of looked kind of nervous to even say something about it,” Sanders told news Channel 2.

Well what the employees didn’t know, was that Jose suffers from a medical condition with his pituitary gland that has affected his growth and causes him to look much younger than his actual age.

Once he realized that showing his ID wasn’t enough, Sanders says he told them to call the police.

“I just said, ‘You can call the police. I have no worry. My whole intention is to buy this beer,’” he said.

Witnesses in the store, however told officers that Sanders began to use profanity.

Sanders says that he did use some profanity, but it wasn’t targeted at anyone in the store.

“I was kind of frustrated, talking to myself. Sometimes I talk out loud,” He said.

He believes that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for his appearance.

Peep the footage of him speaking out on the incident below:

Poor fella, we really feel bad for this guy! Wonder if the same thing has ever happened to Andy Milonakis?


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