A 36-year-old personal trainer could serve up to 15 years behind bars for giving a teenage client too much of a work-out:

A personal trainer collapsed in court after she was jailed for having sex with a 14-year-old boy during a two year affair.

Suni Faith Anderson fainted and hit her head on a table after Judge Eric Ludlow told her she would serve up to 15 years.

Anderson, 36, was revived by court staff and wept as she was led away from a court in St George, Utah.

Earlier her teen victim’s mother had stood up in court and blasted Anderson for corrupting her son.

‘This is a picture of my son when he was 14 years old,’ the victim’s mother said while holding up a photo of her son.

‘Look. Suni, look! Does this look like someone a 34-year-old adult woman would want to have a relationship with?

The mother later called Anderson ‘the worst kind of pedophile’. She revealed police had secretly recorded Anderson telling her son ‘Well, you learned a whole lot, didn’t you?’

Anderson’s husband Jason, who had pleaded for leniency, was in court to see his wife jailed.

The personal trainer began a sexual relationship with the boy, then aged 14, when he visited her home for training sessions.

The affair lasted two years until the boy’s parents found about the relationship and contacted police.

The teen gave evidence against his former lover and told how everyone in his school knew about the affair.

‘I have to walk through the halls of my high school knowing that people know what happened, wondering what they’re thinking,’ he said.

The teen said Anderson had made sexual advances towards him before they slept together when he would visit her house for fitness sessions.

Andersen pleaded guilty in November to two second-degree felony counts of forcible sexual abuse. As part of a plea deal, eight other felony counts were dismissed.

She was jailed for one to 15 years and will be placed on a register of sex offenders. Her husband, also a personal trainer, had told the court they had lost several jobs since her arrest and were no longer allowed to work with youths.


We still don’t get why all these older women are creeping around with young boys? Are there not enough grown men out there? Do these young boys have more stamina and listen better?

Whatever the deal is…it’s getting old and it never ends well for anybody. We think they should start holding the kids accountable as well…as if they don’t know what’s going on (Yeah right!).

You rarely hear about some teenage kid going to the authorities before it turns into a sexual relationship….it’s always waaayyy after the fact! (Like in this case: 2 years!)

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