This is one more reason to stay as far as possible away from your ex-wife!

A San Francisco woman is facing serious criminal charges for throwing a pan of boiling water on her ex-husband and brutally beating him with a baseball bat … all because she found out he was dating a new woman. (DAYUMMMM!!!)

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A wife is accused of pouring boiling water over her ex-husband for seeing another woman

Jesua Tatad is said to have scalded her former spouse as he slept and then beat him with a baseball bat.

Even though they were divorced, the 39-year-old shared the same home with the victim, who suffered 60 per cent burns.

Prosecutors said Tatad waited until her ex was asleep before pouring a full pan of boiling water over his body.

As he leapt up in pain she was waiting with a baseball bat and allegedly clubbed him in the head.

Police said the husband was able to escape and flagged down a passing security guard outside his home in Daly City, California.

An ambulance rushed the man to San Francisco General Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said the victim is unable to speak due to his injuries.

He said Tatad wasn’t cooking anything prior to the incident and deliberately boiled the water for the attack.

Wagstaffe said she had waited until her ex, who has not been named, returned home to the flat they shared from a night shift.

The victim is in ‘pretty bad shape’ but will survive, Wagstaffe said, adding ‘he’s in for a long, long recovery.’

‘It wasn’t like she was cooking breakfast,” he added. ‘She boiled up that pot of water to pour on him.’

Tatad was arrested and charged with several felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated mayhem and torture.

She is being held on $600,000 bail.


We really feel bad for this dude … nobody deserves that type of brutal treatment! (Not even cheaters!!!)

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