Word of advice for all scorned lovers … if you so happen to get angry and break into an ex’s apartment, make sure it’s the right one!!

Also…try not to get drunk and pass out, it’s just a matter of time before the cops will be on your azz!

Read more below:

In what looks like a literal case of misplaced anger, a Key West-area man is accused of ransacking an apartment he thought was his ex-girlfriend’s. But she lives next door.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, a woman went into her Stock Island apartment early Wednesday and found Amado Cardenas, 45, sleeping on her living room floor. When he wouldn’t wake up, she called authorities.

Before falling asleep, Cardenas helped himself to alcoholic beverages, went through the woman’s drawers for cash and medications and tried to pry a flat-screen television from its mount, investigators said.

Cardenas said he thought was inside the residence of his ex-girlfriend, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

He was booked into the Monroe County Jail on burglary and theft charges.


If people got paid to be stupid … this fella right here would be rich!

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