According to numerous reports, the official death certificate of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs shows that he died at around 3 p.m. on October 5th at his home in Palo Alto, California of respiratory arrest caused by a pancreatic tumor.

His occupation was listed as “entrepreneur” in the “high tech” business.

Bloomberg reports:

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department in San Jose, California, issued the document yesterday, listing respiratory arrest as the immediate cause of death, with “metastatic pancreas neuroendocrine tumor” as the underlying cause. There was no autopsy performed.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) announced Oct. 5 that Jobs, 56, died without providing any details about the time and place. The iconic chief executive officer of the iPhone maker resigned his position Aug. 24. He had been diagnosed in 2003 with a neuroendocrine tumor, a rare form of pancreatic cancer, and underwent a liver transplant in 2009.

Jobs was buried at a non-denominational cemetery in Santa Clara County on Oct. 7. The name of the person who filled out the certificate was blacked out.

The company is planning an event on Oct. 19 to honor Jobs for employees, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said yesterday in an e-mail to employees.

“I have experienced the saddest days of my lifetime and shed many tears during the past week,” Cook said in the note, which was posted on the website 9to5Mac.

Mrs. Jobs’ health in the days leading up to his death was so fragile that just a few days before his death, Apple notified the Palo Alto, California police department and told them that their founder was expected to die, so that they could have patrols ready in case mourners decided to gather outside his home.

The day before his death, Apple announced the upcoming release of the iPhone 4S, the newest generation of iPhones, marking the first time Jobs wasn’t on hand to present the popular touch screen phone to the public.

The iPhone 4S won’t be released until this Friday (Oct 14), and pre-orders have already exceeded sales expectations. Apple reports that over 1 million devices have been pre-ordered so far, and analysts predict that because demand for the phone is so high … the company could see sales of more than 3 million during the first weekend of official sales.

Steve would be proud.

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