Katy Perry rocks a ping wig on the cover the October 2011 issue of InStyle Magazine.

Inside, Perry dishes on topics such as having children, inspiring others, her influences and more.

See what she had to share with InStyle mag below:

On having children:
“Not yet. I think if you’re married, it’s often in your future. I think in the future – the very far future – when I have children, I’ll have a more open approach, setting boundaries and showing them what their decisions and choices will breed.”

On her passion for inspiring others:
“I want to inspire people to let their true light shine to live a full life and achieve their dreams.”

On her expanding horizons since reaching stardom:
“I feel like I’ve gone from living in a 2-D world to a 3-D world. It’s a product of traveling, having an open mind, and being open in general.”

On her 1940s and ’50s influence:
“I take a lot of influence from pin-up girls of the ’40s and ’50s – when everything was done with a wink and a grin.”

On standing up for what she believes in:
“I’m not going to sit and be steamrolled. I’m going to stand up against things that are unjust.”

On her passion to push the limits:
“I love challenges. In fact, I get off on them.”

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