Despite breaking off their high-profile relationship earlier this year, former couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel reunited earlier this week for a fun afternoon of bike riding in Toronto.

A close friend to Timberlake said Tuesday, “Justin feels right about things with Jessica. He knows he’s tough to live with and has a mercurial personality, but the two of them have a very strong love for each other.”

“Justin also believes that she is the only woman who truly understands him and will be able to roll with the punches — able to keep their relationship going, living in the fishbowl existence that celebrities are forced to deal with.”

Further proving that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are back “on,” is this story from the NY Post:

The duo was spotted in Martha’s Vineyard last week before ferrying to the Hamptons Friday, according to spies. With Hurricane Irene threatening to dampen the mood, it seems they didn’t stay long.

After being seen at a Westhampton deli Saturday, the two high-tailed it out of the country on a jet. Sunday morning, spies north of the border say that Timberlake and Biel were brunching at Toronto hipster haunt Swan.

“They were there for about 45 minutes,” said a source. “They were in baseball caps and sunglasses, but everyone recognized them. Everyone acted very Canadian and left them alone.” Other sources said that last week Biel was telling friends that she and “her boyfriend” were “going on a vacation.”

The couple broke off their four-year relationship in March, but then went to see a play, “Sleep No More,” together in Chelsea this month. Biel’s rep had no comment. Timberlake’s rep did not return calls.

Do you think Justin and Jessica are back together?

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