Kate Gosselin doesn’t care that you think she’s a “money hungry bitch.”

No really … she doesn’t. In fact, KG says her friends and family care more about the negative press thrown at her waaaay more than she does!

“The biggest misconception is that I’m a money hungry b*tch,” Gosselin tells The Huffington Post. “My friends come and tell me. They can’t take it.

“I have to tell them just ignore it, don’t read it. You know it’s not true. I am very driven, very type-A, very hard-working, very perfectionist. Every single person with that personality is accused of being self-absorbed, snobby and horrible.

“A bad impression is given because you are so driven. My mind is on the finish line. It’s an attractive quality as far as men are concerned. Now women trying to act like that … men get put off by that and offended.”

Gosselin went on to say that people tend to understand her a lot better once they get to know her, and she challenges anyone who thinks that she’s a “money hungry bitch” should meet her in person, then form an opinion.

“I really have to tell you I enjoy the challenge of meeting people personally and changing their opinion of me,” she tells me. “Because it happens 100 percent of the time.”

You’re right Kate Gosselin. You’re not a “money hungry bitch.” You’re just a bitch who likes money. (And ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!)

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