First Lady Michelle Obama says that her husband’s job is so stressful that it’s taking a a toll on him.

Speaking a fundraiser in Massachusetts for the Democratic National Committee last week, Mrs. Obama gave insight into President Barack Obama‘s total dedication to his job and just how heavily the weight of the office rests on his shoulders.

She said: “I see the worry creasing his face. I hear the passion and determination in his voice,” she said. “‘You won’t believe what these folks are going through,’ he told me that last night. ‘Michelle, it is not right. We’ve got to fix this. We have to do more.'”

“Barack always reminds me that we are playing a long game,” she continued. “He reminds me, as I said to you, too, that change is slow. He reminds me that change doesn’t happen all at once, but that if we keep showing up, if we keep fighting the good fight, doing what we know is right, then eventually we will get there, because the truth is we always have in this country. We always have.”

Michelle Obama said that when her husband first told her he had plans to run for president she doubted how it would affect their young family.

“I was proud of the work that he was doing in the Senate. And I thought that he would make a phenomenal president,” she said. “That wasn’t the issue. But, like a lot of folks, I still had some cynicism about politics. And with two young daughters at home, I was worried about the toll that a presidential campaign would take on our family. So it took some convincing on Barack’s part. And by ‘some,’ I mean a lot. He’s still paying back.”

But Mrs. Obama had a change of heart once the Obama family went on the campaign trail to meet voters in 2008

She added: “It’s about meeting people one-on-one, hearing what’s going on in their lives.”

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