Back in December comedian Mike Epps stomped out a photographer at a resturant in Detroit, and it was all caught on film. Now, Mike has been served!

While Mike was performing a gig at the Verizon theater in Dallas the other night, a woman walked up to center stage and served the funnyman a subpoena in the middle of his show, which he of course worked it into his act…

Check out the hilarious incident in all it’s entirety below:

Around the 4:18 mark you can clearly hear Mike say, “White b*tch throwing papers on the stage and sh**.” And after reading the papers and announcing to the crowd it had to do with the throwdown in Detroit and how much of a f**k he did not give, Mike proceeds to cuss the server out and finishes up by telling her, “I sell coke on the side too, b*tch. Go Tell that!”

MIke is a certified C-L-O-W-N … and we mean that in a GOOD way! Dude is HIGH-LARIOUS!

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