In the eyes of the law – – everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but according to socialite heiress turned porn star, Paris Hilton, such is not the case when it comes to her ex BFF, Lindsay Lohan.

In a segment from Paris’ upcoming reality series, “The World According to Paris,” which was obtained by TMZ, Hilton made reference to Lindsay’s ongoing legal problems which stem from an allegedly stolen necklace.

The clip shows Hilton feeding the homeless at Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, when one attendee takes a liking to her stunning pair black earrings.

When the woman asks, “Can I have those earrings?” Hilton graciously removes them from her ears and hands them over. “I’ll give them to you for Christmas,” the heiress said.

The woman replies that she would in turn give them to her sister in Oklahoma and tell her that they were from “Lindsay.” Upon hearing this, Hilton laughs and responds with “I am not her.”

When the woman expresses confusion, saying, “I thought you were supposed to be in rehab,” Hilton against responds, “I am not Lindsay.” Then, In a voiceover, the heiress went on to point out the not so subtle difference between herself and Lohan.

“If I were Lindsay, I’d be stealing the earrings,” Hilton said, “not giving them away.”

And BOOM goes the dynamite! Sheesh … talk about not pulling any punches. (Harsh!)

Peep the footage below:

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