These two are going down in history as the worst parents to ever walk the face of the earth. And once you keep reading, you will see why!

The odd couple were recently arrested after police found a child’s remains buried in their yard and their six year-old daughter caged inside their home feeding on herself.

Read the disgusting story below:

The body of a young child has been discovered buried under a home where a six-year-old girl was kept in a cage and almost starved to death.

Police made the grisly discovery of the child’s remains while they questioned a couple about the alleged abuse of their daughter.

Brian and Shannon Gore are accused of keeping the girl in shocking conditions and virtually starving her to death. The girl, aged between six and seven, was so hungry that when found her she was eating the flaky skin of her forehead. She was covered in bed sores and her own faeces and is feared to have been kept in a cage for months.

Brian and Shannon Gore face first degree murder charges stemming from the grisly find. Police made the startling discovery of the remains of a second child when they dug under a trailer home. They have already been charged with the attempted murder of their daughter who was found barely alive in a darkened room.

The condition of the girl, who was covered from head to toe in her own waste, was so bad that police in Virginia believe it is the worst ever case of child abuse they have investigated. Detectives found the child naked lying in faeces, which was also in her hair. She was suffering from bed sores and severe starvation and was unable to walk after being freed from the crudely built cage.

Doctors treating the girl told police if they had found her a week later she would have died from starvation. Brian Gore, 29, told police the girl had been kept in the cage since last summer. Gore and his 24 year old wife told police the girl suffered from Downs Syndrome and had cerebral palsy. They claimed she was kept locked in a cage to protect her.

Police only found out about the alleged abuse while making house to house inquiries for an investigation into stolen gold bullion. Detectives obtained a search warrant for a trailer home where the Gore’s lived – and came across the shocking sight of the malnourished girl. Court papers revealed that the girl was fed one Pop Tart in the morning and another in the evening, perhaps with a sandwich.

Gore admitted to investigators he built a top over her cot that it into a cage. Detectives said Brian Gore said the girl was in the cage since last summer and rarely came out. She would remain in the cage all day while Shannon worked. Gore went on to say: ‘No one knew she existed because she was born at home, and Shannon never went to a doctor.’

Officials in Gloucester, Virginia, said the child has no birth certificate. Detectives said when they found the girl she could not walk because she was kept in the crib-cage for so long.

While police carried out the investigation they received information about the dead child buried under the trailer home. A medical examiner is carrying out an investigation to determine the cause of death and sex of the child.

A month old boy found in the home is now being cared for social services and was said to be in a healthy condition.


There is no valid explanation or excuse for this type of sickening behavior. We hope these two get put under the jail!

And thank God the cops found the 1 month old before it was too late…

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