Author is another title that sexy actor and R&B singer Tyrese Gibson can now add to his list of titles.

The “Transformers” actor has recently penned a self help booked titled “How To Get Out of Your Own Way,” where he draws on his own life experiences to help steer the reader into the right direction – and he thanks his mentor Will Smith for believing in him more than he believed in himself.

In a recent phone chat with our buddies over at, Tyrese explaned how Will helped shape and change his life. Check out the excerpts below:

Will Smith really changed your life?
One would easily assume that once you become an actor you start hanging out with other actors, especially those more prominent and successful and that would be the reason to hang out with them. But what ended up being revealed was he changed my views and perspectives on life and my surroundings and my characteristics. I was completely caught off guard. It’d be like if you showed up for a main course meal and you ended up getting desert and appetizers and all this other stuff.

Is he your mentor?
He is every bit my mentor and friend. He always makes time to talk about whatever I’m thinking about or what I can’t figure out on my own. I can’t really compare him to anybody else in my life. He believes in me more than I believe in myself. It created another level of belief in myself that wasn’t there before.

Can you share some of his bits of wisdom?
The first thing he dropped on me was you can often tell how far your life and career will go based on the five people you spend the most time with so I had to really sit back and really marinate on that. So I said, ‘So if I have a problem with my life I should have a problem with the people in my life.’ He was like, ‘Yes, exactly.’ So that’s when the mission began to better my surroundings and keep everybody around me sharp because it’s very easy to get lackadaisical and have people that work with you and for you to just go through the motions.


It’s good to know that Black Hollywood looks out for each other!

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