R&B star Bobby Brown has had his fair shares of ups and downs during his career and knows all too well what it’s like to get a chance or two to redeem himself. That’s why it’s no surprise that he feels Chris Brown deserves a break and a chance to get back on his feet and redeem himself.

In a recent interview with Street Disciplez Radio, Bobby said of Chris:

“Chris Brown just give that brother a break, because we don’t know what happened between them in that relationship. We don’t know what went on between them, too. I think Chris Brown is a talented artist. I think Chris Brown deserves a second chance, no matter what. Because he’s young and he’s talented.

Rihanna is doing her thing, Rihanna moved on and people need to move on with what happened between their relationship. And, I think Chris Brown deserves a second chance.

“Compared to things I’ve been convicted of, Chris Brown is a baby. Chris Brown is a good brother and I wish him the best. We need an artist like him. Kids need an artist like him.”

Bobby Brown does have a point. Chris Brown deserves a second chance, especially when you’ve got loons like Charlie Sheen running around still scoring gigs!

What are your thoughts?

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