Hollywood Goddess Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry left the L.A. County Courthouse earlier today after trying to finalize a custody settlement with the judge. Judge Mark Juhas said to Gabriel and his lawyers, “We’re making huge progress.  We need to stick with it.”

Halle and her high priced team of legal sharks, Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, went into chambers to talk with the judge. Before that, Gabriel and his linebacker corps of lawyers, Gary Fishbein and Kristina Royce, also paid a visit to “His Honor’s” chambers.

Reports suggest that is all part of a settlement conference over Nahla‘s custody and visitation.  The major stumbling block has been Halle’s acting schedule, which takes her out of town from time to time.

From what happened this AM, it looks like Halle and Gabriel are on the verge of an agreement/truce. And we can’t blame him because that woman is FINE! How can a man not agree to anything this beauty offers?

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