Aubrey O’Day says she’s done a lot of things in life, but one thing she has not done and never intends to do … is Diddy.

The singer/reality TV star recently sat down with multimedia maven B. Scott in Beverly Hills, and talked about her new reality show, her new buzz single “Automatic,” Danity Kane and how things are going with them these days (“Nobody talks to Dawn,” she said) and lots more, including the “Diddy rumors.”

On Rumors of Sleeping With Diddy:
“I definitely didn’t make my name in that way. I have sex with people because I love them, because they touch my heart, and because I want to potentially see a future with them. I definitely don’t approach sex as something fun to do on Friday night. I approach it with a lot of value. So that wouldn’t be somebody I’d be interested in sleeping with.”

On Keeping in Contact With Dawn Richard (of Danity Kane):
“Nobody talks to Dawn. We’ve all reached out and tried to pave the way and make that situation open and better. I guess that’s not something that she’s really wanting to do right now.”

Check out the full interview below!

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