Nicki Minaj never thought that during the Young Money I Am Still Music Tour …. she would be giving her boss Lil Wayne a lap dance in front of thousands of people.

Nicki told MTV News:

“Well, I have to say, I been giving lap dances [during the tour], but I didn’t know Wayne was gonna jump out and pop out the back. I literally was up there trying to get a boy, then I turn around and I see this cute little dread in the chair with his legs dangling off. And I was like, ‘What?’ I was super nervous.”

Wayne hammed it up and pulled his best Gene Simmons impersonation with his tongue darting out of his diamond-encrusted mouth as his protégé sauntered over in a pink and white catsuit. After a few quick pelvic thrusts in front of Weezy, she smiled, then returned to her dancers to resume their choreography.

How many bosses do you think get to get lap dances from their employees … and it’s acceptable? Exactly. Weezy is livin’ the American dream.

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