After being shot in the hand in his native country Haiti last week, Wyclef Jean is opening about the incident.

Jean said of the episode:

“It was definitely a graze. The bullet didn’t go in or anything. There’s a lot to the story. It brought light to the fact that there was an election going on that day. I don’t think none of you all knew about an election in Haiti until everyone heard what happened to me”.

Of his injury, Wyclef was in good spirits and brushed it off saying:

β€œ…but it was more like shock and awe. They put in the anesthesia and stuff. The pain came after all that.”

Good to see he’s doing well. But Wyclef definitely has a point. Had he not been shot, we wouldn’t have known jack squat about an election in Haiti, which makes you wonder … was all of this a publicity stunt on his part? There were those reports of him just getting cut by glass and lying about the whole “I accidentally got grazed by a bullet” thing.

Things that make you go “hmm” ….

But clearly, the guy doesn’t look too shaken up about the situation. Take a gander at the pics below of him partying with his wife Claudinette Saturday night (Mar 26) at Haze nightclub in Las Vegas.

Your thoughts?

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