Suge Knight has dropped his million dollar lawsuit against Kanye West.

The infamous Death Row CEO took Kanye to court over medical bills stemming from an August 2005 shooting at a pre-VMA party at a nightclub hosted by West. During the soiree, a fight broke out and Knight was shot in the leg, causing him to suffer from a shattered femur. In addition, Knight attempted to charge Kanye for an earring worth $135,000 that was allegedly stolen in the midst of all the commotion.

However, a judge threw the original case out in November citing a lack of evidence, and Knight, who had claimed that security was negligent by allowing someone with a gun to enter the club, had to file an appeal. Suge dropped the appeal last Friday, and according to AP, both sides have reached a confidential agreement to quietly settle the matter out of court.

Glad Kanye could get all of that straightened out. Who wants long-term beef with someone Suge Knight? We sure don’t!


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