Last night (Feb 27th)  the 83rd Annual Academy Awards took place at Los Angeles’ famed Kodak Theater and Pop sensation turned Hollywood favorite Justin Timberlake was on hand for all the festivities seeing as his international hit “The Social Network” was up for best picture. But it’s actually “Friends With Benefits,” Timberlake’s upcoming flick with the beautiful Mila Kunis that has everyone talking, particularly because of the steamy sex scene these two share.

When asked what it was like shooting sex scenes with the “Black Swan” beauty, Justin responded:

“That’s an easy thing to do”. “I think I could speak for all the men in the world when I say that’s the easy part. […] Honestly, it was a golden opportunity to find a lot of humor that maybe hasn’t been portayed in film—in bed and on film,” he continued. “We found a lot of jokes. We had a two-week block where we had interiors every day and it was all sex jokes.” (Source)

Bet it was easy you lucky bastard. Getting paid to romp around with beautiful women..SMH. Other than “fun,” how could that be anything BUT easy?

Your thoughts?

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