It ain’t over…til it’s over!

Lil Boosie and his lawyer Jason Williams are fighting to get the D.A. removed from his murder case because the rapper feels as though he’s getting an unfair trial.

Read the details below:

Torrence Hatch, better known as Lil Boosie, is in trouble with the law but lawyer Jason Williams thinks he’s getting an unfair rap. According to Williams, the District Attorney filed murder charges against Boosie shortly after hearing a Boosie track titled “Fuck ‘Em All” that disses the District Attorney and the lawyers, accusing them of racism and cursing them to go “to hell.”

According to Williams, the District Attorney heard the song and prepared the case because of it. As a result, Williams would like the D.A. off of the case. “Mr. Moore learned of these disparaging comments and within 10 days of hearing these remarks, he prepared a case against Torrence Hatch to bring before a grand jury when the individuals actually responsible for this crime had been in custody for quite some time,” Williams noted.

Currently, Boosie is being held on a first degree murder charge. The case against him states that he paid to have a man, Terry Boyd, killed. Moore responded to these claims with The Advocate, saying the allegations from Williams are untrue. “He’s calling me a racist. It (the criminal case against Hatch) has nothing to do with color,” Moore said. “The indictment had nothing to do with a song. It has to do with dead bodies and victims.”

A State Judge will rule on the case in late June. The lyrics in question are below.

“Fuck the D.A. and the lawyers / Your racist ass is going to hell/ You’ll probably be dead when I come out of jail, ya old bitch / Your dick can’t even get hard no more, bitch you need to die / And the prosecutor’s gay/I see that from a mile away.”


Damn, homie! We hope it all works out for him…

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