It appears that Jay-Z and Beyonce may be having some marital differences right now!

Over the past few days, the couple have been spotted separately around Hollywood. Over this past weekend, they did not attend any Grammy events together, and to top it all off, Beyonce reportedly spent Valentine’s Day with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams……instead of  hubby Jay-Z.

But what on earth is the problem?

We are hearing through several sources that the super couple have been at odds over the decision to have children. Remember that Jay-Z is well over 40 years old now. He doesn’t want to be going on 50 years old just having his first kid.

Why is Beyonce holding out? Well, obviously, she’s at the peak of her career and preparing to release new album later this year. So she would be a fool to kill the hype by popping out a few Little Hovs.

Will Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage crumble due to this? Only time will tell. But we wouldn’t be surprised if all of this was just “talk.” How many times has Beyonce been “rumored” to be pregnant? Exactly.


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