Kanye West is playing the quiet game…..

The “Monster rapper recently made an appearance at the opening of George Condo’s art exhibit “Mental States” (the same guy who created the artwork for his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album)……..and did a completely silent interview with NY Mag‘s Jamie Mills.

Check it out below:

Are you happy with the paintings George did of you?
[Kanye nods head yes.]

You are happy?
[Nods head.]

Would you make any changes if you were to do a self-portrait?
[Shakes head no.]

Are you mute tonight?
[Nods head.]

Do you want to do sign language?
[Nods head. Pretends to sign, then shakes our hand and walks away.]

Source: NY Mag

We guess Yeezy was serious when he said he was done with interviews after-all…. (LOL)

What do you think?

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