Everyone was pretty shocked when Jesse James and Kat Von D announced their engagement. Everyone but Sandra Bullock, that is.

A source tells our friends over at Pop Eater that out of respect for Bullock, Jesse James (her ex-husband) informed the actress of his plans to remarry about a week prior to telling the rest of the world.

Via Pop Eater:

Sources close to Sandy tell PopEater that she was given a heads up that this would come out this week and that while she isn’t exactly jumping for joy, she has accepted that Jesse is moving on with his life with Kat. Sandra’s biggest priority right now is her adopted son, Louis, and she isn’t planning to let anything get her off course from being the best mom she can be.

“It may seem like only yesterday that Jesse and Sandra split, but for her, life has changed so much that it seems like ages ago,” our source tells us.

While Sandra and Jesse aren’t exactly close friends, they do have ways to keep information flowing between the two of them, and our source says that Jesse knew he needed to let Sandra know that things between him and Kat were serious. “Sandra knew it was coming, and she was ready,” our source says.

Well that was pretty nice of the guy, don’t ya think?


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