It’s official. After tonight, there will be no more “Hannah Montana.”

The smash hit Disney Channel television series, which first aired, back in March 2006, airs its final episode tonight, and Miley Cyrus will be saying goodbye forever to the teen aged TV character who (somewhat) made her into who she is today.

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The show focuses on a girl who lives a double life as a typical teenager by day and a famous pop singer by night. In the show, Cyrus hid her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family.

It would be this TV series that catapulted Cyrus into an international teen icon who sold millions of albums and concert tickets and millions of dollars worth of merchandise. As Hannah grew up on the screen, so did Miley off-camera, and she’s been caught in a series of scandals in the five years.

She posed topless for Vanity Fair, dated a much older boy, performed in increasingly erotic music videos, simulated kissing her female dancers on stage, and seemed to enjoy getting ‘caught on camera’ mugging with her friends in sexy poses and smoking salvia from a bong. Miley turned 18 November 23 and is now splitting her career between music and movies.

In the last episode titled “Wherever I Go,” Cyrus is called upon to make the biggest decision of her life — whether to go to college, or to accept a role in a movie. The final episode of Hannah Montana Forever (as this final season was called) airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on the Disney Channel.

Source: Radar Online

Goodbye Hannah Montana!! It was nice knowin’ ya…


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