Nicki Minaj puts on her war paint on her alternate V Magazine cover. This particular cover is a lot more … “adventurous” than the one we posted yesterday, but this is the Nicki we’re used to. Check out more pics from the spread below, and continue reading for an excerpt from her feature!

Now, just in the wake of her debut album, Minaj is deadly serious about not taking it all too seriously. “I’m an entertainer – I like to make people laugh,” she says. “Some will hate it and some will love it, but all will remember it. And that’s what I want: to be remembered. Even if I’m saying something hard-core or controversial, there’s always a touch of humor, and if you don’t like it, it means I’m stirring things up inside of you.”

At the same time, there’s a lot going on inside the artist’s own head. “I just always want to do ‘me,’ but ‘me’ changes every day. I would crumble up and die if I had to wake up and be the same person every day. I don’t silence those voices anymore. I just let them speak.”

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