Diddy must be ballin’ something majorly serious to be able to spend almost $1 million PER WEEK on a yacht!

The Hip-Hop mogul, along with Kim Porter and their twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James, were spotted living it up aboard the high-tech, iPad-controlled super-yacht called the “Soulmates” over the Holidays, and now we have details on how much they were REALLY living it up!

Details (and lots of pics) are below:

Using complimentary iPads, the millionaire mogul and his family will have control of all the shipboard entertainment and climate systems, the blinds and lights in their cabins, and could even have their Pina Coladas topped-up at the tap of an icon. “You won’t find this app for download in the Apple store any time soon,” said Rupert Connor, central agent from chartering firm the Luxury Yacht Group. “The captain hands each guest their own iPad when they board, which they get to keep for the entirety of their trip.”

Connor, whose company is responsible for leasing “Solemates” on behalf of its owner, says that guests are given the option to customize the app’s homepage to suit their preferences. “For instance, if we have a client who we know is a music industry bigwig, then we’ll program the app’s homepage to have a prominent shortcut to our high-speed media server’s music library, and we’ll do our research to make sure we have all the music they’d want to listen to.”

At $690,000 a week, plus expenses (which Connor conservatively puts at a further $150,000), the super-rich certainly get more than a glorified remote control when they step on board. Aside from ultra-lux furnishings, a bounty of Jacuzzis and enough flat-screen LCD panels to tile a roof, Connor says “Solemates” also lets guests keep fit in style. “We’ve a top-of-the-range al-fresco gym on board, but if you prefer keeping in shape on the dance floor then it converts into a disco, with an $80,000 integrated light and sound system,” he said.

And that’s not all. After a round on the inflatable floating trampoline, jet-powered surfboards or James Bond-style underwater “sea bobs,” whoever’s lucky enough to commandeer the master cabin can wash off in what Connor believes is the world’s first yacht-board aromatherapy shower. “This is aromatherapy direct from the shower-head,” said Connor. “It comes in four different flavors: eucalyptus, pine needle, citrus, and peppermint.”

However, beyond the high-tech toys and luxury linens, the gizmo-clad superyacht’s greatest asset is its crew, says Connor. “We’ve an amazingly experienced crew which includes a chef who’s worked in some of the best restaurants in Paris and England, a stewardess who speaks five languages and another who is also a cardiothoracic nurse.”

After blowing just shy of $1 million in a week, let’s hope she’s on standby when Diddy sees the bill.

Source: CNN

Whew! That yacht sounds like paradise, but is obviously VERY expensive!


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