Word has it that Bobbi Kristina is in need of a major intervention due to her taking after her parents by allegedly becoming a drug addict and an alcoholic.

Earlier this week, the National Enquirer quoted sources that claimed that following the release of a set of scandalous pictures showing the 17-year-old celebuspawn smoking Newports and drinking Four Lokos, Bobbi K’s mom and dad (Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown) were stepping in to stop their teenage daughter from going into a downward spiral.

However, a rep for Bobby Brown tells E! News:

“There is no truth to the reports about Bobby and Whitney staging an intervention with their daughter.”

So we guess that clears all that up!

But what about those pictures? 17-year-olds should definitely not be smoking cigarettes and should MOST DEFINITELY not be drinking suicide in a can aka Four Lokos! SMH…


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