Nick Cannon may be married and all smiles now…….but at one point the actor’s future wasn’t looking too good.

In a recent interview, Cannon recalls going MC Hammer broke at the age of 19…….and not listening to well-given advice from Will Smith.

“I became a millionaire and went broke all before the age of 19. I spent it right away and did a lot of frivolous, unintelligent things with the money. I bought jewelery and Range Rovers… instead of buying property I was leasing the most expensive property, and then you turn around and you owe the government 44% of what you made and you don’t understand that, even when people you tell that [beforehand]. One of those who was a mentor to me at that young age and opened a lot of doors was Will Smith. I remember when I was going to buy the Range Rover he said, ‘Man, don’t go buy that, you don’t need that.’ He was someone who made $1 million and lost it at a young age, so you got to pay attention to the people who came before you. I would encourage people who do get a little bit of money to save it and invest it and hold on to it. And make sure you pay your taxes.”

Now the 30 year-old entertainer is a father-to-be and has his priorities in the right order.

“I believe becoming a father will affect my career tremendously. I’m so focused on being the best entrepretainer I can be, before that it was being the best husband, now it’s being the best father. My career has to take a step back because I have a new priority [and] because of that new priority I need to be more focused on getting that paper. So I have a new energy behind me of why I want to be successful, I’m excited about that.”

We’re glad to know you’re growing up Nick!

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