Fantasia met up with her boyfriend’s estranged wife Paula Cook earlier this month to privately settle their very public dispute……but according to, things didn’t go so well.

Sources close to the situation says the two ladies met for almost half a day in private mediation to discuss the possibility of keeping the details of Fantasia and Antwaun Cook‘s alleged affair out of the courts. But since Fantasia wouldn’t admit to Paula that she was sleeping with her husband while they were still together, Paula has decided to move forward with the “Alienation of Affection” civil lawsuit she brought against Fantasia a few months back when all of this came to light.

“Fantasia and Paula were in mediation for nearly 12 hours on November 1,” a source close to the situation told“They didn’t settle because Fantasia refuses to acknowledge that she was aware of Paula’s marriage to Antwaun when she started dating him, and Paula is adamant that she knew.”

“Fantasia was prepared to pay Paula as much as $100,000 to settle during their mediation, but it fell through,” another source told “Paula plans on going all the way and is going to sue Fantasia for Alienation of Affection.”

The source says Fantasia and Paula are set to meet again on November 22nd in a North Carolina courthouse where we’re willing to bet things are going to get REALLY nasty.

Fantasia should have went on ahead ahead and told that woman what she wanted to hear, and admit that she was sleeping with her husband so we all can move on from this. SMH…

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