Children can be a lot to handle at times…..

On the “Ellen Degeneres Show” earlier this week, actress Halle Berry spoke on how she recently almost had a heart attack when she lost her daughter Nahla in a department store.

“Talk about sweating. And you just freak out for about 30 seconds. I came undone. I think my head projected off my body. And then all of a sudden, I looked down at a price tag or something, and she toddled off for what seemed like two seconds. The next thing I know, I looked back around and it was like, Whosh! Gone! And I said, ‘Nahla? Nahla? Nahla?’ Gone. My heart just started … I’m like, Close the store! Shut the door! My daughter’s gone!'”

But to her luck, Nahla hadn’t gone very far and was actually right next to her in a rounder of clothes.

“She was right next to me — in a rounder of clothes where the pants were hanging. Right there. And after I became a lunatic and totally embarrassed myself, she stuck her head out and was like, ‘Hi.'”

One rule of parenting……never take your focus away from your kids, not even for a split second!

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