Kanye West better watch his back……and Lil Duval too. Rapper Lil B (one of Soulja Boi’s buddies) has made the threat of the century!

Shortly after seeing Ye’s “Runaway” film, the struggling SODMG rapper tweeted:

“If Kanye Doesn’t Acknowledge Me Over Twitter And Work With Me On Music, When i see him im going to f*ck him in the a**”

PAUSE…….did he just say something about doing another dude in the bum hole? Yep, but wait there’s more!

Lil B also threatened to anally rape comedian Lil Duval who made a #worstrapperofthedecade trending topic and placed him third on the list.

“@lilduval is my new b*tch. ima f*ck his *ss later to u f*cking grandson fagit.”

This dude makes us sick! SMH….

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