Aww, how sweet!!

Most people GET gifts for their birthday….however actress Demi Lovato totally flipped the script and on her 18th birthday GAVE her family one of the biggest gifts a child could ever give to her family…..a HOUSE!

The Disney star decided to celebrate her big day by giving back in a big way to her family, who has unconditionally supported her throughout her career, and handed them the keys to a brand new Mediterranean style home she purchased outside of Los Angeles.

At her birthday party Thursday night (Aug 19) at Buddakan in New York City, the young actress told

“I just bought a house! … For me to give [that] to my family on my birthday, that was the best present.” Lovato also plans to live on the property, in a house in the backyard.

“It’s got pretty much everything you could possibly imagine in it,” she says. “It’s the most beautiful, homey-feeling house. I love it.” And, as a bonus, “the pool has a water slide, which is really cool,” she says.

Source: People

Such a sweet kid, her parents must be proud! ….. And happy that their little girl is ballin’ outta control, so much that she can afford to buy them a brand new new house!

Check out a few pics of Demi, her “Camp Rock 2” co-stars Joe and Nick Jonas, and her little sister Madison de la Garza (from “Desperate Housewives”) as they dine as Buddakan and finish the evening off with a cake below…


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