Fantasia‘s married lover Antwaun Cook doesn’t want people to judge his mistress…

Cook and Fantasia Barrino allegedly had an affair and were accused of making a sex tape together by Cook’s wife Paula, who cited all of this in court documents she filed a couple of weeks ago when she put Antwaun on child support after the two separated. The couple, who have two sons together, had been estranged for the past year and Fantasia is supposedly the reason behind it, if you let Paula Cook and the viewing public tell the story.

However, Antwaun Cook’s side of the story is much different! He doesn’t want anyone to blame Fantasia at all. Check out what his lawyer, Nicole Sodoma, said in a statement this week below:

“Antwaun would be remiss not to address the criticism and judgment he has received. He knew Fantasia Barrino but the failure of his marriage can in no way be blamed on anyone except the two people that were a part of the union – Paula and Antwaun.

[Paula and Antwaun] expected their marriage to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, like many marriages, it did not turn out as planned. In late summer 2009, after years of discussion, the parties separated with the intention of no longer being married.”

Late summer of 2009? That’s not what Paula says! In the court documents, she states that she and her now estranged husband split on June 16th 2010.

Fantasia, 26, has acknowledged that she did date Cook “off and on” for close to a year, however she says that she was under the impression that he had separated from his wife. So far, her lawyers have yet to comment on whether or not the American Idol Season 3 winner and Antwaun Cook are still a couple, but the two were spotted last week meeting up at a park near her home in North Carolina. And VH1 cameras from her reality show “Fantasia For Real” were nearby to capture all of the action.

So we guess we’ll have to wait and see until the show comes out next month to see how all of this plays out, which is exactly what Fantasia and her people (and Antwaun’s ol’ fame-seeking a**) want us to do! SMH…

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