Thank goodness he’s clean now!

Former Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recently admitted on an ESPN radio show that the only reason he made a cameo appearance in the 2009 comedy film The Hangover” was to fund his drug addiction.

“I was doing that to supply my drug habit. I thought this was going to be really good, we’re going to sell this stuff at 42nd St. on bootleg, and we’re going to get a lot of money. This is my best thinking on drugs.”

Well luckily (and unfortunately)…”The Hangover” turned out to be a huge success so he didn’t have to waste any time selling copies on bootleg. But Mike did add that later he realized….it wasn’t the drugs that he was working for…but a way to fix his broken thinking.

“I gave up basically everything. I didn’t have a problem with drugs or nothing, I had a problem with thinking … My thinking was broken. That was the solution to my broken thinking, using drugs and living crazy.”

That damn Mike Tyson…just crazy as hell! Glad he cleaned himself up though…