The homie Necole Bitchie‘s new website recently sat down with R&B singer Lyfe Jennings (who is gearing up for the release of his new album on Aug 31) and candidly discussed a range of topics with him including industry guys dating strippers, S.E.X., Marriage and Crazy Baby Mamas, and more.

Peep a few excerpts form the interview below:

On Men In The Entertainment Industry dating strippers or “former” strippers
I think that a man is just attracted to a woman who is free. She’s just living her life and in connection, she makes him feel free too. You have to understand that before coming into the industry, most cats were just regular dudes who never had a chance to get with someone that’s hot like that. And now they can get this chicks that’s just living her life and is live, she makes him live too.

On men in the entertainment industry not being attracted to “regular” women
They should actually be flattered by that. Because you are going to attract who you are. This dude might have a great career but he might not be a great person so he is not going to be attracted to a great woman. The Amber Rose, Kat Stacks, etc.. All that is temporary. But that woman that is working hard every day to provide for herself and her family; mentally, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally… that’s forever! Because them tittays are gonna sag one day. Those tittays are going to be down by your belly button one day and you’re gonna need something else to keep your man.

On marriage
Before I thought it was all about the man and the woman, you being committed to her because you didn’t want her to feel bad. And that’s still a part of it to me. But now it seems more so about me. If I am married and I cheat on my wife, it says more about me and less about the situation. It says that I have a lack of commitment; it says that I can’t stick through something. It says a whole bunch of things about me now. That’s why I say that I’m ready for it.

On pre-nups
If you got something! Even if you don’t, “you keep your broke sh*t, and I’ll keep mine”. But seriously, I think that pre-nups are important because love changes sometimes. But I also think that a woman that is involved in a man’s life is owed something. It should be set up that whatever he had when he came in, that’s what he can leave with. Whatever is made after that point, they should split that. There are a lot of things in your life that you thought would last forever. I’m sure you thought that your first boyfriend was gonna be forever. But the reality is that some relationships don’t last forever.

On sex on the first date
It really depends on how good IT is. But if you sleep with a dude on the first date, 9 times out of 10 that’s what he is going to view you as, just sex because that’s all he’s pretty much been introduced to. Don’t have sex with him so that he will get a chance to get to know you. And then, when he gets to know you personality, even if it’s two weeks later, the sex was still after he got to like you enough to keep you around.

BitchieLife: Why are men so quick to sleep with women on a first date, unprotected, that they have no intentions of being with, and then say that they were tricked and cry about the fact that she wants $50,000 per month in child support?
I’m glad you asked that. And here is why… That might have been only one time, but he’s gonna have to keep paying that child support for 18 years. He has some fault in it too but if a woman feels tricked, she only got tricked for what? 3-4 hours of her time; if she was with me (laughs). But the dude got tricked for 18 years.

BitchieLife: What kind of [crazy] stuff [have you gone through with your baby mama]?
Ummm… She stabbed me one time. Then another time I came home from a couple of shows and she sold everything that was in my house. Barbeque grill, clothes, everything! Furniture, TV, everything was gone! Sold!


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