Actor/comedian Russell Brand was involved in a car accident in New York on Friday as he left the set of his new film “Arthur.” Brand was a passenger in a $238,440 on-loan Lamborghini when a truck slammed into the car. The crash caused more than $9,500 worth of damage and witnesses say that Brand was trapped in the passenger side and had to climb out of the driver’s door. A source near the scene of the accident said:

“The whole incident was pretty terrifying. Russell was very shaken. He refused to go to A&E despite severe bruising and cuts. He’s gutted as he had just taken loan of the car. It was pretty terrifying. This massive truck came out of nowhere and ploughed straight into Russell’s side of the car. The driver of the car ran around to the passenger door but it wouldn’t open. Russell had to climb over and escape through the driver’s door. He looked very shaken but he kept his sunglasses on.”

Russell Brand, who is currently engaged to singer Katy Perry, suffered cuts and some bruising, and his mother has since flown out to visit him.

Get well soon Russell!

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