In the next episode of MTV’s “When I was 17”, rising hip-hop star Drake reflects on one of his teenage obsessions. While most guys his age were into chasing girls and playing video games, rapper Drake had a totally different passion. According to the Young Money rapper, “When I was 17, I was heavy on eBay.”

He remembers spending countless time shopping for clothes, electronics, jerseys, and velour suits. “I look back now and it’s all hideous.” Many of his friends were surprised at how much time the rapper spent on Ebay. “I used to call him up and be like, ‘Yo, what are you doing?,’ ” Niko (one of Drake’s childhood friends) explained. “And he’d be like, ‘Shopping on eBay.'”

We don’t know why they found this shocking. What else do rich white kids have to do with their money?

According to the rapper, he was involved in a few scandals. He sold items on the online auction site just as often as he bought them. To hear Drake tell it, though, everything he pushed online wasn’t always on the up and up. And as for his own purchases? Well, let’s just say today they might be considered as crime too. “Mostly it as just clothes, electronics, jerseys and velour suits,” Drake says. “I look back now and it’s all hideous.”


This episode of “When  I was 17” featuring Drake, Queen Latifah, and Olympic softball player Jennie Flinch will air this Saturday (May 15) at 11 am. Check out a few pics of a Drizzy in his younger days below and continue reading for a sneak peak of this weekend’s episode!

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