Ozone Magazine recently spoke with Diddy for their sex issue and they managed to get him to talk about women having sex with producers in return for free production work, his wild sex drive, and a bunch of other things. Check your boy out below:

Did Ciroc help fuel the 36-hour tantric love-making session you were talking about on Twitter?
(laughs) Naw, that’s not really alcohol-induced, that’s more just like a natural gift and part of me being a Scorpio. Everybody may not be into that type of thing, but that was just something I was expressing with everybody on Twitter, because that’s what I do when it’s time for me to focus on sex—not all the time, but once in a blue moon, if I’m in that mood.

I know it probably takes too much concentration with all the breathing techniques and whatnot to have music playing during something like that, but for a normal session what would you say is the best love-making music?
You can never go wrong with Jodeci’s Diary of a Mad Band or R Kelly’s 12 Play would work. I think you can really get busy off those two joints right there.

As a label owner, why don’t you think there are more female emcees succeeding right now?
I really don’t have an answer for that question. But I think Nicki Minaj is gonna come and heat it back up, and I think Lil’ Kim is definitely still relevant—I wouldn’t sleep on her. She has a great album. And I’m actually on one of Trina’s new singles; I know Trina’s got some good stuff. I think maybe [female rappers] just took a little break, to be honest.

Do you think there’s truth to the notion that a lot of female artists use sex for leverage with producers or whatnot?
I don’t really know about the whole fu*kin’ for tracks thing. I never really heard about that shit. As a producer I don’t know if some a*s will make you go in the studio and spend three days making a track for chick. I can’t really see that working. It takes too much time to produce a track the right way for you to give it away for some a*s.

What advice you have given your sons about women?
Just to be respectful with women. And also I’m teaching them to make sure that the woman is treating them right. Don’t let no woman not treat you like the king that you are, and make sure you’re treating her like a queen.

I know you’ve been able to avoid popping the question thus far, but do you have any advice for someone who wants to propose with the extravagance of Diddy without having the budget?
If I propose it probably wouldn’t be in a big “fly her to the top of the mountain” type way, it would probably be more in a sincere way. Women love surprises though, so I would suggest finding a really good way to surprise her without spending too much money.


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