Has Hollywood really gone to up and coming actress Gabourey Sidibe‘s head and boosted her ego? New reports regarding the “Precious” star say so!

New video footage (via Rhymes with Snitch) has surfaced of Gabby coming off as rude to a group of people as she made her way through an airport. Just before she and her entourage went on their way through the terminals, her security asked the photogs to not follow them, but they did anyway and snapped a ton of pictures which seemed to annoy Gabby and her crew. One of the shutterbugs told Sidibe she “looked beautiful” to which the young actress responded by saying “I know!” very matter-of-fact like. Then one of them had the nerve to ask the dumbest question known to man: “What do you prefer more, Gabby or Precious?” which most likely ticked her and her people off even more.

Later in the video, she’s seen holding a small bouquet flowers and asks who gave them to her, and when one of the photographers claimed them, she promptly responded with “You can have them back!” which was hilarious! And at that point, her security said “Enough!” and threatened to call the cops if the paparazzi didn’t stop taking pictures of Gabby.

But that’s not all. According to a columnist over at The Washington Post, Gabby was extremely rude to him at the White House Correspondents dinner in D.C. last week, and when he relayed how she treated him to another writer, she recalled her own bad encounter with Gabourey Sidibe. Read on for a writer’s personal encounter with Gabby and continue reading for the video footage of her at the airport…

Y’all know how much I loved the powerful film from director Lee Daniels about an obese New York City teenager enduring unspeakable abuse at the hands of her parents. After Oscar night, I wrote, “I was rooting for Gabourey Sidibe for best actress. But the moment edgy comedienne Mo’Nique won the Oscar for supporting actress, I knew that the divine Sidibe was toast.” But after meeting Sidibe at the White House Correspondents dinner and hearing about others’ negative encounters with her, I’m putting down my pompoms.

I was thrilled to spot her at a table laughing uproariously with the man sitting to her right. “I know you’re having a good time and I’m sorry to interrupt,” I began. My next sentence didn’t come out because Sidibe shouted over the din, “Yeah, come back in five minutes!” Thinking she was joking, I laughed and pretended to walk away.

When I noticed that the look in her eyes meant she was serious, I walked back to her and said, “I just wanted to congratulate you on your nomination. I thought your performance was spectacular. I even wrote a column about it.” After wishing her good luck, I rejoined my friends.

Back at the table, I sheepishly related the incident to my colleague Jo-Ann Armao. “Oh! She’s horrible,” Armao said in her wonderfully blunt way. She told me that she saw Sidibe at the pre-cocktails and told her that she’d seen “Precious” three times (an amazing emotional feat that only adds to my awe of Armao) and that she thought Sidibe’s performance was “incandescent.” What was Sidibe’s response? “I guess I should say, ‘Thank you.'”

At the MSNBC after party, the partner of a “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” producer said to me, “Look! There’s Gabby Sidibe. I’m going to ask her to take a picture with me.” I warned him, “She’s mean.” To which he said, “I don’t care. I just want a picture.” I didn’t see what went down, but the dejected fan came back and said incredulously, “She said no.” No doubt the constant interruptions and jostling are bothersome. Her ever-shrinking zone of privacy must be irksome, too. And there’s no law that says Sidibe has to show grace to her fans or appreciation for their kind words. But a true star would.


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