The net has been swirling with chatter pertaining to Erykah Badu’s new music video for her latest single “Window Seat” in which actually she went nude (for a few seconds near the end) to promote individuality. At the end of the clip, she is apparently shot in the head once all of her clothes are off and she falls to the ground near the same grassy knoll where President Kennedy was shot in downtown Dallas in 1963. Instead of blood, animated words that spell out “groupthink” leak from her head on the sidewalk.

Since the release of that particular video, the Dallas police have charged her with disorderly conduct and fined her $500. What did  Erykah Badu have to say about the video and the charge? Read on for what she said to MTV:

“I thought it was a move for women and men and children who feel they weren’t good enough. This is just me, I’m good enough. I felt it was important enough to do. More pros than cons. I know it was a shocking thing I did,” she said.

“I expected it to provoke dialogue, and it’s an important statement to make. It’s about freeing oneself of the layers and layers of things that we have learned as Americans in this country. At the point of becoming naked and individual and free, either you’re assassinated spiritually or mentally by the group or worse. The words coming out of my head after I was figuratively and literally assassinated was ‘groupthink.’ Groupthink is a term coined by Irving Janis, 1972. It pretty much states what happens when a character or person is ostracized for thinking out of what the consensus is. He or she is pretty much thinking [more] with a heart than with loyalty. It’s an important thing. It’s art. It’s performance art. Art is supposed to spark dialogue and ring an awakening of some sort,” she maintained, “especially if it is impactful and powerful. I didn’t expect to be demonized, but I did expect to spark that sort of dialogue.”


We feel you Ms. Badu! In case you haven’t seen the “Window Seat” video, click here to check it out!

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