We all know that the ladies on ABC‘s hit morning show The View tend to make some off the wall comments, but this one definitely caught us off guard and surprised the crap out of us. The ladies were discussing the ongoing situation between actress Sandra Bullock and her cheating husband, Jesse James and Whoopi Goldberg took it upon herself to go against the opinions stated by her fellow show hosts and said that she had cheated a couple of times on her ex-husband:

“It’s nobody’s fault. Maybe he was looking for something different…

“Hey, listen, I did it five or six times … Yes, I screwed around. Yes, while I was married. I made those mistakes too, yeah. It happens sometimes. It happens,” Goldberg said. “Maybe he was trying to find something different too.”

Wow. We think that there are quite a few people who would agree with Whoopi, but we are more so shocked by the fact that Whoopi and her …umm, how do we put this…. “not-so-attractive” self was able to find someone who would pipe her down behind her husband’s back.

Simply fascinating, wouldn’t you agree??

Check out the video below…

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