Earlier this week, several media outlets reported a strong rumor that Usher‘s ex wife Tameka Foster was seen in Jamaica over the weekend snooping on her other ex hubby Ryan as he was vacationing with his new fiance. Since then, she has decided to speak out against the rumors to attempt to set the record straight

“This story is ridiculous and completely false, as are the 1700 others that continue to be conjured up. Ryan and I are great friends and have been for 24 years, he is engaged to a lovely woman and I wish them all the best in life.”

Poor thing. There have been literally hundreds of stories/rumors floating around about this girl and she says all of them are false. Some of ’em might be slightly off, but dizzam … all of ’em can’t be 100% untrue. We know for a fact Tameka is missing a few screws, so… yeah. She probably did haul her azz down to Jamaica to play peeping tom on her ex-husband.

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