We were absolutely amazed to see this one! We have all seen photos of celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, etc. at all kinds of fashion shows, but did you know that they actually are paid to attend? Well the good folks over at Fashionista have posted a list of celebrity asking prices for their simple services of attending a fashion show and sitting on the front row:

Rihanna ($100,000 or more)
Beyonce ($80,000-$100,000)
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ($80,000 each)
Jennifer Lopez ($30,000)
Lindsay Lohan ($60,000

Blake Lively ($50,000)
Leighton Meester ($40,000)
Hilary Duff ($40,000)
Jared Leto ($25,000)
Clive Owen ($10,000)

Kim Kardashian ($35,000-$50,000)
Amanda Bynes ($25,000-$30,000)

Can you believe this? It must really be nice to be a celeb. There’s no excuse to be broke when you’re a celeb because they have so many different sources of income. $50k – $100k for sitting in a seat and watching models walk up and down the runway? Wow!

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