With Beyonce taking her sister’s advice and looking to work with more indie bands, rumors are starting to swirl that the singer could be making moves to leave her record label (Columbia Records) to become an independent artist!

Word on the street is that Columbia might be S.O.L when Beyonce’s contract ends. Tentatively the biggest chick in music is to complete two more albums – and I hear she’s currently already at work on her next one. My sources close to the situation and her team, is telling me that Jay-Z is wooing Beyonce to break away from Columbia and go completely independent.


We’re not sure how legitimate this is since we believe that Bey has fulfilled her three-record contract with Columbia. Now all that’s left for her is to sign another contract or, of course, go independent, a move that we believe would only help her. She has enough money and fame to do so and she will  be able to have a lot more input on the type of music that she wants to do.

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