Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus // 2009 American Music Awards (Red Carpet Arrivals)

In a recent interview, Snoop Dogg went in hard on Usher and Tameka‘s short-lived marriage. The Doggfather was talking about love and relationships with DJ Whoo Kidd when Usher’s name popped up. And Snoop Dogg straight up dissed Usher and his wife!

Snoop Dogg did an in depth interview with DJ Whoo Kid recently where he spit mad game about love and relationships. The interview was to promote his new CD, Malice in Wonderland, but Snoop went hard about love and relationships. When discussing a few of his favorite artists out right now, Snoop mentioned Trey Songz as one of his favs as well as his homie Usher.

“Everybody can’t do the Snoop Dogg. My wife been down with me since 1988. I was crackin at her real tough and she wasn’t havin it. I had to MAKE her love me cause I was in love with HER. See that’s the difference. A lotta these n*ggas…b*tches love them but they don’t love their b*tch.”

Snoop also goes in on how Usher looks way better than Tameka (of course he threw in the No Homo) and how one key player rule is to never be prettier than your woman.


The player tips are about 7:20 minutes into the video. Check it out after the break!


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