Kanye West, Amber Rose and Pete Wentz // 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (Audience Candids)

This knucklehead just won’t learn, will he? Your boy Kanye West showed out at Common‘s big charity event over the weekend after he spotted some folks eating chicken and he didn’t have any of his own. So like the three-year-old that he seems to be portraying as of late, he threw a temper tantrum and demanded that his requests were granted. All of this over some damn chicken. Then when he got the chicken, he reportedly took a bite and threw it away in the trash while his celebrity friends and his girlfriend Amber Rose looked at him like he was a lunatic.

After spotting a man eating chicken, West blurted, “Why wasn’t I offered chicken? You want me to perform for free, [and] everyone is eating… why am I not eating?”

When the waitress explained that he never asked for food, ‘Ye yelled, “Well, I’m asking now!” After receiving chicken, he allegedly proceeded to take a bite and then throw the rest in the trash. Meanwhile, the rapper’s beau Amber Rose, stood silent, while other celebrities backstage watched in awe.

Other guests that night included Nas, Ludacris, Mos Def, De La Soul, Heavy D and Queen Latifah.


This makes Kanye’s second outburst within the last month. Word on the sidewalk is that he developed a drinking problem after his mother passed back in November 2007. And now his close friends/family members are trying to get him to go to rehab. We think he might need to take up their offer pretty soon before he does any more damage.

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