Footage of Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire

During the filming of a Pepsi Commercial way back in 1984, Michael Jackson‘s hair caught fire due to a glitch in the pyrotechnics. The event has been parodied in music videos (Eminem) and comedy films, and we caught a re-enactment of it in the Jackson movie, The Jacksons: An American Dream. But the real footage has never been seen before until now. Watch it below:

Wow! It looks like he didn’t even notice it at first. For those wondering why MJ changed his hair later in his career, watch the video again. Notice the huge bald spot that it left? That’s why. After the incident, he was left with second and third degree burns on both his face and scalp.

They say he was never the same after the accident. To relieve the pain from the burns and the surgeries that followed, he was prescribed several medications, which subsequently kicked off his addiction to painkillers and obsession with plastic surgery.


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