Soulja Boy & Bow Wow

Despite his 200,00 some odd followers on Twitter, and the thousands of YouTube subscribers that contribute to the millions of views he gets on his videos, not everybody likes Soulja Boy! And that became very obvious when a group of students protested outside of his concert at Minnesota University last Friday (Apr. 3rd). They were angry that a rap artist who uses “degrading” lyrics was booked to perform.

The Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker was paid more than $25,000 (GBP17,000) to perform a sell out show at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD). When he arrived at the venue, the rapper was stunned to be met by a peaceful protest, organised by student Arielle Schnur. Soulja Boy wrote on his blog ahead of the gig, “WTF (what the f**k) I’m in minesota (sic) its a group of maf**kaz prtoesting (sic) my show. This s**t on all the news.”

But Schnur, who rallied a group of bands to perform at her campus protest, was determined to send a message to the university’s entertainment committee – which booked Soulja Boy. She told the Duluth News Tribune, “This isn’t OK for this to happen. To bring in an artist that degrades half the student body as sex objects and the other half as sexual assault perpetrators; that form of degradation is not acceptable. The issue with the Soulja Boy concert is that it’s happening at UMD and UMD is an institution of higher learning. His lyrics are not conducive to an atmosphere of enlightenment and education.”


Damn, was it that serious?

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